Programs Offered At Catholic Charities of Staten Island

I.R.A. Program

The Individualized Residential Alternative is a community residence model that allows our Individuals to live as integral members of the community. MIV has six homes in the community that are equipped to provide the Individuals with the opportunity to maximize their potential. These residences provide 24 hours protection and oversight. A Clinical Team along with skilled staff supports our Individuals with their dreams and aspirations. Individuals’ personal growth and satisfaction with services are the intense focus of MIV’s IRA administration.

Kenny Residence I.C.F.

The Individualized Care Facility Program is a specialized 24-hour facility that provides services to our more challenged Individuals. Individuals receive daily full time nursing, physical and speech therapy, community integration along with other services that address their specific needs. Contact: Claire Atalla – 718-317-2825 or Ashton Black- 718-317-2826.

Tender Care Daycare & UPK Program

MIV runs the Tender Care on the Mount preschool/ daycare center, which offers daycare, early learning and UPK for children 2 – 6 years old. There’s also a summer camp for youngsters in this age group during July and August. Contact Barbara Mazzola – 718-317-2849.

Step by Step & RISE After School Programs

Children with autism and other developmental disabilities between the ages of 7 to 17 years receive various services at this program. There is an intellectual and adaptive skills development curriculum that is also applied to Individuals with mobility challenges. Contact: Lauren Colangelo – 718- 317-2808, or Mary Ann DeCristofano – 718- 317-2827

Additional Programs

“A Village of Community Services”, MIV also hosts the Mount Loretto Friendship Club, 2 public schools, the CYO/MIV Community Center, numerous sports programs, St. Edward’s Food Pantry, and multiple other not-for-profit/community programs on our campus. Please contact us for more information.

Day Habilitation Without Walls

MIV Day Habilitation Without Walls program provides services and opportunities to recent graduates, and other young adults with developmental disabilities. The program is affiliated with Sea View Hospital, and Meals on Wheels. Many of the Individual participants have achieved significant personal growth and have moved on to paid employment with various businesses in the community. Contact: Claire Atalla – 718-317-2825 or Ashton Black- 718-317-2826.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) has been and continues to be the integral service for anyone who is desirous of accessing OPWDD Services. It is the first step in accessing all of the Services offered by OPWDD. MSC has been designed to assist an Individual practice person centered planning.
This entails the development and maintenance of an Individualized Service Plan using the Individual’s Circle of Support. The role of the Medicaid Service Coordinator is as follows:
• Initial application for MSC and Waiver Services
• Referrals for Home Based Community Services
• Advocate and promote Individual choices and needs
• Apply for and maintain all benefits, Medicaid , etc.
• Prepare and maintain ISP, Annual and Semi-Annual
MIV has a dedicated, responsible and committed team of excellent, knowledgeable and experienced staff who are always willing to provide unconditional support to Individuals with special needs. We are always willing to introduce new Individuals to OPWDD Services. Contact: Beth Jennerich – 718-317-2866 or Diane Feliciano – 718- 317-2872.

Vocational Training Program

We seek and develop competitive employment opportunities in the community for young adults with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities utilizing Access VR, supportive employment services through SEMP and employment services from the Department of Labor/Social Security program known as Ticket to Work. We provide job training and coaching, assess vocational skills, such as but not limited to; work tolerance levels, social skills in the work setting, work behaviors, effective communication, accepting supervision, problem solving and more. Based on individual assessments, services are provided to improve skills and prepare for employment in the community. We provide all necessary supports during this process to help the consumer achieve and maintain employment. We developed our setting to enhance skills such as preparing a resume, acceptable work and social conduct, motivation for work and all other aspects of soft skills training. We reach out to local businesses asking if they would like to become involved with our program, and explain in full detail the purpose and intended achievements. We inspect each site and speak with the business managers to ensure our consumers are safe and protected. Our trained employees accompany the consumer on their scheduled days to assist in carrying out the services documented in the service plan, consistent with their vocational goals. We ensure the consumer is provided real work experiences and opportunities. Contact: Drieka Piccolo – 718- 317-2876

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